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This cutie is a total nutcase. Snorting bukkake facial cum and urine like it was bolivian marching powder .

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Semen Hungry

So every once in a while you come across a cutie is such a nutjob
it take your breathaway. This cutie uses a nose hook to hold her nostrils open and then snorts up little puddles of Tokyo Kogal
bukkake cum just like they were rails of blow. Ok but that’s not all…She is also snorting up pee. Take a look at one of our previous posts if you want to see more about this bukkake DVD here. The move is called The Delusional Man shot Snorting Slut, and yep it’s true this actress is a delusional cum snorting slut, with a side helping of really severe daddy issues. You are going to be unable to tear your eyes away from this trainwreck of a episode.

Next week at Bukkake TV – The Delusional Sperm Snorting Slut.

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Condom Eater

This movie is very kinky. Hotly cute Natsuki Ando stars as a freaky girl that is big time into snorting piss and cum. During her interview with the director this babe
is crazy to explain (with gestures ) and a happy smile, how this babe
is into snorting cum. Natsuki starts off by stroking and sucking penis and taking the opportunity to nuzzle her nose in the men crotch and balls to take in the aroma. As the men start to cum, she starts to snort as much of it into her nostrils as she can. Later as she is snorting and licking cum and piss form table tops and floors, this babe
is all the time making those
weird little moans and gasps. Selected scenes are as follows:

1. The DVD cover which shows the result of a body marking session where herself and others use marking pens. I can’t read it, but from the way that this babe
acts it should read something like “Please have sex me as I am snorting cum”.
2. Natsuki with the aid of a nose hook, snorts the last drops froma bukkake session.
3. Natsuki collects guy shot from a glass table top and snorts.
4. This babe
snorts piss from tubes connected to a funnel that men piss in.
5. Not wanting to miss any, Natsuki licks the spilled piss from the floor.
6. A stud bones her from the rear and at the same time shoves her head into a bowl of piss. Not to worry, when she starts to gag he lets her up for some air.