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Brand new Manila sex worker Malou strips in our hotel. Malou is back by popular demand!

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Our last post featuring 18 year old Manila sex worker Malou had a huge response. It really was her first time using a vibrator or any kind of sex toy, and I suppose it was her first time having a real orgasm as well. So here is a follow up post featuring our favorite fresh faced 18 year old sex worker. I think Malou likes our shoots as we are not pawing all over her like the guys in the go go bars, or trying to put out cigarettes on her like the Japanese guys like to do to the girls here. I think we will be seeing a lot more of Malou as she begins her descent into the seedy underside of the Philippine sex industry! If you want to see all of Malou’s picture shoot take a look here.

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Shaking shuddering genuine orgasms. First time with a vibrator for Manila girl Malou!

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So very few of these third world teenagers have had exposure to any type of technology before…excpet from what they have maybe seen on TV. One thing that they have certainly never seen, let alone been able to try out is any sort of sex toy. We hooked up 18 year old Malou with a high powered vibrator and this girl went nuts. The only issue she had was that her pussy was so tight we had to lube up the vibrator. I think it was pretty clear that she had never had a real orgasm before. Her whole nubile bode was shaking like a leaf…And her gibberish moaning was drawing a crowd outside our hotel door. This is a must see video, and it is only online at Teen Filipina.

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