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Impossibly sexy Russian Red Head Luda

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Every once in a while I run across a girl who makes me run to the keyboard and today is one of those days. Meet perfect Russian red head Luda. It is really rare to see a real red head…One with grey eyes and pale skin like this. I think the picture speaks for itself about how hot this girl is. Oh and know what? I know that this girl has done hardcore in the past. If I can find it again I will post it for you. Wild.

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Skinny and flat chested third world teenager is an ejaculation factory.

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Teenage Sex Worker

One great thing about a lot of these third world girls is that they haven’t been exposed to the Cheeseburger diet and a lot of them are very trim and hard. Fpr example our girl Tanya here is slim, flat chested and tight bodied. Exactly the thing a lot of you teen fetish connoiseurs enjoy. So if you have a thing for these third world girls head on over to Teen Filipina for the best in hot teens.

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Sweet third world teen shows off her perfect shaved vagina

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Manila Bar Girl

Meet Joy. Meet Joy’s Vagina. Joy’s vagina is Joy’s joy. It’s also her main moneymaker. Joy is one of the sweet and wild third world teens you will see on the Teen Filipina web site. Yes she is just eighteen, and yes she does buck wild hardcore. Manila is just packed with hot street meat girls like this….And they will do anything for a few tourist pesos. So come on in and enjoy the fantasy.

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Teenage third world prostitute Edmilyn shows us her goods.

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All I can say is thank heaven for those third world girls. If it wasn’t for their inept governments and rampant corruption there is no way a guy like me would be getting his hands on a perfect 18 year old lbfm like Edmilyn. We got Edmilyn back to our hotel and into the bath for a little soapy fun for just a few of her countries worthless Pesos. And yes this was just the beginning…Edmilyn did an incredible blowjob series for us where she actually vomited after tasting semen for the first time (take a look here for that). Edmilyn is one of the hottest girls at Teen Filipina, and if you like the Filipina and Thai teen girls there is no other place to go.

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