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Ariel Double Stimulation Orgasm

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Step into another world. A world of light, love, and cooperating sex toys. A world in which Ariel is there for you, sharing all she has, pleasuring herself while looking deep into your eyes, as if to say, “I really wish you were here.”

This is love-making at its most intimate, if only coz it’s just Ariel doing exactly what she wants, with a little help from her friends, of course. When this woman at last orgasms under the applied pressure of both her sensual partners, you can feel the room shake with her. One look from her moist eyes, and you’re off to the moon.

Well, you can be, because this film is just that private. The first shot shows our starlet walking into a brightly lit bathroom in an adorable panty/bra set. This hottie brushes her teeth, strips, showers, and then settles back on a white towel on the floor to tenderize her secret place.

But she wants more! So it is off to the colossal bathtub to lotion up her large black friend and get an even deeper sense of her own potential. After those festivities, it’s time for the bed, and the guest list is expanded. Soon, the wonder wand is buzzing up top and the black friend is going down deep. Ariel knows how to start a party.

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