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Nuna and Serena L Tantric Sex Techniques

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Hegre is doing all it can to help the mystic subcontinent correct the problem, and this film is exhibit one. An Indian girl – named Nuna – and an European filly – named Serena – sit together in an outdoor shrine. Together, they engage in a tantric initiation of absolute divine beauty. So private, so intense.

Tantra is the soul of India. It gave birth to the Kama Sutra, it is central to the yogic ambition, and it gives the continent its long history of brave sensual innovation. Yet the India of today is far too burdened by sexual repression and human berative.

Ironically, the American is the expert, and the Indian the novice. And while there’s undeniable magic between them, it’s about two thirds of the way through – when the cucumber enters – that things reach an almost super-natural level. The love-making this fresh organic instrument empowers will leave you gasping. But it’s ok. Just breathe. It’s the way of tantra.

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